Perfection is not the goal!

I know that in our world it FEELS like perfection IS the goal. Everywhere we look we see the very best that people have to offer. The best on social media (with the help of filters and selective editing),  the best in crowds (always confident and carefree), and the best at work (knowing exactly what needs to be done to keep the job). If you are like most people though, you know that this projection of perfection is not real! In fact, you may even be scared that those you are trying to convince will discover you are a fraud.

First of all, you are not a fraud. You are human. Unless you are also a diagnosable psychopath, feelings of inferiority and a fear that people will discover the “real” you are normal. The desire to put your best foot forward, as they say, is also normal. 

But, the belief that we have to achieve some level of perfection in order to be accepted can be an overwhelming weight to bear. You do not, and cannot, achieve perfection. That should never be the goal. And if the people in your life, the ones that you want to please, expect you to be perfect, you need new people in your life! They aren’t perfect and if they really care about you, won’t expect you to be. 

Do your best but don’t set an expectation on your life that no one, short of Jesus, can meet. Unless you think you are Jesus and then you have deeper problems.

If perfection is not the goal, then what should you work towards?

Progress. Always moving forward. It does not have to be fast, but forward movement should be a goal in every area of your life.

Consistency. Doing the right things the right way every day. Everyone wants to be a hero, but no one wants to be consistent. To me, heroism is doing the right things the right way every day regardless of circumstance or audience. Don’t work for perfection. Work for consistency.

Persistence. Don’t give up! The battles of life are won by those who simply refuse to quit. Persistence, not perfection, is the key to changing your world!

Growing. While you will never arrive at the destination of perfection, you should not be the same person today that you were yesterday. Continue to grow throughout your life and you will never lack purpose or opportunity. 

Learning. Growth cannot take place without learning. Learn everything you can from everyone you can and nothing in life will be wasted.

Helping. Live your life to help others and you will find redemption and purpose in the struggle. Let down the facade of perfection and allow your own hurts and vulnerability provide hope to the hopeless. 

When we make perfection the goal of our lives we are missing out on the incredible opportunity to let God do His work through us. You will never achieve perfection, but you can can live a life of impact and purpose when you allow God to use the person He created you to be.


Photo by Austin Neill on Unsplash