This weeks post will be short and to the point. Definitely a “Perspective”  statement instead of the usual list of things to do or recommended course of action to take.

Here is the statement:

Everything has a price tag!

I know that may seem too simple, but that’s it. Everything has a price tag.

We tend to live our lives as though we get to decide if something is “worth it” or not. Somewhere along the way we have been taught that we either decide to pay the price and get the prize, whatever that may be, or decide that the price is too high and we are just going to move on. What we have to understand though, this is the perspective part, is that every decision has a cost. In life there is no such thing as deciding not to pay. Let me give a few examples.

The price of a good relationship is hard work and commitment. The price of no work or commitment is the elusive dream of a good relationship.

The price of a life free from regret and bitterness is dealing with problems as they arise. The price of ignoring problems is a future life of potentially overwhelming regret and bitterness.

The price of good health is discipline, exercise and clean eating. The price for poor diet, no exercise and a lack of discipline is bad health, lack of physical mobility and short life.

The price of financial freedom is focus and commitment over a long period of time on sound personal money decisions. The price of impatience and failing to save is financial bondage, anxiety, and stress.

The price of a good relationship with God is knowing and following Scripture. The price of living without God’s direction is at best a self-absorbed life and at worst a  life of chaos and confusion.

I could go on, but I am sure you get the point. No decision that we make is without a cost. So, instead of asking, “is this a price I am willing to pay”, you need to start asking, “WHAT price am I willing to pay”?

Because everything has a price tag. 

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash