“Leadership Lesson from a Global Pandemic” #4 is very simple and a little more personal than the others:

Lesson #4- Personal Preparation Equips Leaders to Lead

There is a fundamental truth about leadership that those who lead must keep in mind:

Leaders are most needed when things are the worst!

Those times when business slows down (or stops), when natural disasters overwhelm communities, when relationships endure trauma, and when life so confusing that the path forward is unclear, are exactly the times that leaders must stand up and lead! The problem for leaders during these times, if they are not personally prepared, is that they CANNOT lead because they, too, need to take care of their impacted businesses, families, and finances. Leaders cannot avoid difficulty, but they must prepare when the need for leadership is low so that they can fully engage when it is high.

Leaders do the hard work of preparing personally so that they are free to help others during life’s most critical moments.