There is a thought that I have been considering over the last several days that I believe has implications for every area of our lives. The statement is this:

“The best ideas in the world will fall apart if you go deep enough and do not eventually hit a foundation of faith.”

If our foundation is not one of faith-belief in a God that is bigger than us and capable of bringing His plan to pass, than even the best of ideas are based on our own understanding or will. They are fallible and subjective because they are all about us. This is why, without a faith foundation, we struggle to move people from their own thoughts and opinions. How can we say that what we believe is truth, when it has no eternal base. It is only as true as the next best thought or opinion.

We must make sure, regardless of opinion or our perceived “rightness”, that our foundation is as strong and eternal as the Creator.



Photo by manu schwendener on Unsplash