Real success is found, in many ways, in how we handle the transitions of life. We like to picture success as a mountain top or an awards ceremony or the applause and admiration of the most important people in our lives and while each of these may be a product of our success, the key to FINDING that success is much less glamorous.  Real success is found in the space between those events. It is late nights and early mornings and financial setbacks. People enlisting to help and then deciding they have better opportunities somewhere else. It’s loneliness and misunderstanding and the fear that it might not work out. It’s wanting to quit, because who really cares, and then moving forward anyway. Success is not found in the places that others can see but in the space between where no one looks.

Raising kids, growing a marriage, building a business or getting in shape (or whatever it is you are involved in)-none of these is impossible and success can be found. Just remember though, it is the space IN BETWEEN the victories that make everything else possible!

Photo by Romio Joseph on Unsplash