We live in a world of rhetoric, angry mobs and the apparent prevailing belief that anyone who disagrees is the enemy. While discussion and rational “argument” aimed at understanding the truth was once valued, the only voice that seems to matter today is the loudest one!  And while all of this ranting can be entertaining, it lacks the essential element of truth that is so necessary if we are to have hope.

I will admit that it is easy for me to get caught up in the soundbite culture that fills our social media feeds but I have come to understand that, instead of adding to the noise, I want to be a person who cuts through the noise and speaks truth in a way that GIVES hope. I want my words to be like a lighthouse on a rough see that shows the weary traveler the way into a safe harbor.  I firmly believe that even though a harsh word can be entertaining, in the unexamined places of the human heart there is a need for truth tellers and hope givers.

So, speak truth. Understand that the last thing this world needs is someone gifted in the art of cutting sarcasm while dying for lack of someone willing to light the way in an often dark sea. The world that we live in gets darker all of the time providing those of us who are willing an opportunity to shine bright.

Speak truth. Give hope.


Photo by Kasper Rasmussen on Unsplash