In our lives there are few things more important than the relationships that we have at home. Of those relationships, the investment that we make in our children will reap eternal rewards if we are intentional and understand that the spiritual investments that we make will have an impact far greater than anything else.  So how do we invest in the spiritual life of our kids?

  1. Understand what is really important. We invest in those things that are important but sometimes we get confused as to exactly what those things are. While there are quite a few good things in life that we can give our time and resources to, if our desire is to raise spiritual children that will pursue God’s plan for their lives, than we need to spend more time working on the spiritual than any other single thing. Where do you want your kids to end up? Invest there.
  2. Provide the right environment. We need to get our kids into an environment or environments where they will be encouraged in their spiritual life. This may be a church or group of peers that will encourage them to be what God wants them to be while not pushing them to do so many of the things are culturally acceptable but spiritually destructive. These environments will provide the soil necessary for our children to grow and flourish.
  3. Equip and send. It is not our job to simply protect our children but to equip them so that they can one day take their  faith into the world. We should view parenting as an opportunity to invest now so that our kids are ready to leave our homes live out their faith.

Are you investing in the spiritual life of your children? If not, begin today.

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Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash