What is the difference between those who are spiritually concerned and those who are spiritually courageous?  I believe that most Christians make very little impact in this world because although they are spiritually concerned they lack the courage to do the big things that God requires of them.  They are concerned about what God thinks and they certainly want his approval, but they hope he will never ask them to do something that requires action beyond what they can see or understand.

I tend to view faith as only one part of accomplishing big things for God. Faith is belief in God’s Word. It is believing that as God He will always keep His word and can be trusted.  Courage is what turns that faith into action. Belief, or faith, should always lead to action.  The chord that ties the two together is courage.  Courage requires the ability to see the world as bigger than yourself and to act on your faith in a God bigger than the world.

That is why Christians who are simply “Concerned” will never make the kind of impact for Christ as those who are “Courageous.”


Concerned-Keeps (most of the time) the generally accepted rules of Christianity.

Courageous-Lives overwhelmed by God’s grace and refuse to see Christianity in terms of rules.


Concerned-Wonder how they can best express their liberty in Christ.

Courageous-Wonder why God would love them at all and put no limits on what they will do for Him.


Concerned-See Christianity as a necessary part of their life.

Courageous-See Christianity as their life.


Concerned-Ask: “What am I allowed to do as a Christian?”

Courageous-Ask: “What is the best thing for me to do as a Christian?”


Concerned-Ask: “How much can I afford to give?”

Courageous-Ask: “I know this is what God wants me to give and He will have to work it out.”


Concerned-Look for the best place to meet their needs while still serving others.

Courageous-Look for the best place to serve others.


Concerned-Ask: “What will others think?”

Courageous-Ask: “What will God think?”


Concerned-See unmet needs in the body of Christ and are unmoved.

Courageous-Often do things they are not “qualified” to do simply because there is a need.


Concerned-Fear getting old without a way to provide for themselves.

Courageous-Fear getting old without expending everything they have for the cause of Christ.


Are you concerned or courageous?  The answer to this question is the difference between living a significant life for the God that loves you and living a life that fades away the moment you take your last breath.