The Bible tells us that we have the wonderful privilege to go to God in prayer, “that we may obtain mercy, and grace to help in time of need” (Hebrews 4:16).  What an amazing thing it is that we as the created can speak directly to the Creator and expect Him to work on our behalf. As we go to Him in faith believing that He will answer, I think that we all look forward to the day that we can praise Him for that answer.  We look forward to looking back and rejoicing in what He has done.

But what do we do between that prayer of faith and the realization of God’s answer? How should we respond when we can see that God is answering and has blessed a walk of faith but have not yet come to the other side?

The children of Israel found themselves in this spot as they crossed the Jordan river and prepared to occupy the land that God had promised to them.  For more than forty years that had followed God by faith, sometimes obediently and other times not so obediently, and were now ready to experience the fulfillment of all that had been promised.

In the book of Joshua chapters 1-4, we see how they responded when they found themselves in this place between faith and fulfillment.

1. They remembered the past (1:1-9)
2. They prepared for future blessing (3:5)

The time following God’s blessing is the precise time to look for even greater things.
3.They gave God the Glory (3:10)
4. They established a memorial / A legacy for future generations (4:2-7)

The reason that our kids often do not attempt great things for God is that they have not seen us attempt great things for God!
5. They looked for opportunities to be a testimony to others (4:21-24)
6. They re-commitedt to follow God (5:14-15)

Next time, don’t make God convince you that He will work!
7. They looked to the future (6-21)

There is still work to be done!