I am amazingly blessed.

I have a wife that loves me, great kids, and the opportunity to spend my life involved in local church ministry.  Even though there have been, and will continue to be, some difficult days, I am thankful that God has chosen this path for my life. I have done nothing to deserve His blessings but rejoice in His grace.

As I continue to grow in an understanding of God and His goodness I am beginning to see that one of the greatest blessings that I enjoy is the opportunity to watch Him work.  I have been humbled to watch Him provide when no one else could, to give direction to those seeking His will and to protect in a supernatural way. These are things that we all pray for and we rejoice to know that He moves in our lives. The most amazing thing that I have had the opportunity to watch God do however, has nothing to do with any of these.

The most amazing thing that I have had the opportunity to watch God do is to redeem those who are broken and without hope.

I am thankful for Gods redemptive work in my own life; from a person broken because of sin to a child of His through Christ.  I rejoice in the redemption that I have experienced but for some reason forget that God does the same work in the lives of others!  I am constantly reminded of just how much a broken humanity is loved by a gracious God when I see lives completely wrecked by sin redeemed to a new life, a new purpose, and a new future.  The redemption that comes to a person that accepts the gift of salvation through Christ is a redemption that touches every area of life.  The redemption of the soul brings redemption to the life and to the family of the one redeemed!

Where once there was guilt, there is now forgiveness.  Hopelessness is replaced by a future that is bright and the wounds caused by sin will heal. Families destroyed are re-built on a solid foundation and freedom comes to the soul that was once enslaved. I am surprised every time God allows me to see Him redeem a life, and thankful that He has redeemed mine.

God’s love is beyond my ability to understand. His care for the fallen creation and redemptive work is a Grace that truly is amazing. And while I cannot even begin to explain this, I am thankful that He makes all things new.

I am blessed that He allows me to watch it happen.